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Merry Christmas

🎄Wishing you a warm Merry Christmas from Team Sussex Grange!

Sending festive vibes from our beautiful home to our wonderful home care clients and all of you! 🎁🌟

We hope your day was filled with Christmas food, joy, and everything that makes you smile! 😄🍽️ Remembered the batteries for the toys, and avoided any brussel sprout projectiles? Mission accomplished! 🚀

👑🎉 Any Christmas cracker hat wearers still going strong? You're a true champion! 🤣 

Before we wrap up the day, two massive shoutouts:

👏 To our social care heroes, working today and throughout Christmas – your magic truly makes the day special for those we care for. Thank you for all that you do Team Care Home & Team Home Care 💚💚 

🤶✨ And a special shoutout to Mrs. Claus, who stepped in with her trusty elf sidekick after Santa's winter sniffles! Thanks for spreading the magic, Mrs. C! 🎩🧝‍♂️ 

A quiet mention for those no longer with us this year – you are deeply missed. 🕯️❤️ Please feel free to light a candle and remember someone special

Merry Christmas from us to you! 🎅🤶💕 

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