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Put Dementia On The Agenda!

💙💛💙We've been sharing updates every day this week, packed with info, useful tips, and a dash of fun, all aimed at boosting #DementiaAwareness! 🧠💡

🙏 A massive shout-out to the Selsey Community Forum for putting #DementiaAwareness on the map and energising our efforts to build community-wide support. 👏👏

To wrap up this impactful week, let's unite to #PutDementiaOnTheAgenda! As the next General Election nears, it's our chance to prioritise dementia care at the highest levels. 🗳️✨

There are currently estimated to be 982,000 people living with dementia in the UK and this is projected to rise to 1.4 million in 2040. The scale and the need to prevent, diagnose, support, live and die well with dementia will only become greater.

We need your voice! 📢 Join us in signing an open letter to party leaders, advocating for transformation in dementia care. 🖊️ Check out the link below to make a difference with Dementia UK:

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