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What a line up this February at the care home - a month of heartwarming activities hosted by Jackie & Shaunna! Discover the surprises hidden in the yellow bag, and get ready for the return of Boo, our beloved four-legged friend. As we celebrate the month of love and Valentine's Day, our calendar is filled with engaging games and delightful moments for everyone to enjoy.

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Whoa, that fog this morning had me questioning if January's ever gonna end! But hey, we didn't let it fog up our plans!

Today was all about the three C's: ☕ coffee, 🍰 cakes, and 😂 chats at Costa... okay, okay, that's four C's! 😄

Huge shoutout to our amazing caring crew (six C's, why am I counting?🤷🏼‍♀️) for turning this foggy morning into a cozy, caffeinated (+2 for the record), and downright delightful affair.

You guys rock! 💚🌟☕🍰 🤘🏼


Boo, you stole our hearts today! 💖 We had the most delightful visit from Boo, a professionally trained therapy dog. This charming little chap showered us with cuddles and filled our lounge with adoring new fans. 🐾 He even stayed for some musical bingo! Special shout-out to Boo's lovely mummy too. 😊 Thanks for the visit – see you again real soon! 🐶💕 #TherapyDog #HeartwarmingVisit #CuddleBuddy"

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