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🏆WSPiC Accolades - Awards Night

We've just celebrated the best night! Three course meal, fabulous entertainment and and evening of celebration and inspiration - the best bit of all, sharing the night with these lovely people.

We made the following nominations and here is a very small extract of their statement:

👩‍🍳Ancillary Worker Award - Jola Heron (Care Home)

"It is clear to see from her passion and energy how important excellent service is to her. This begins with her interactions with the residents in order to achieve the amazing meals that are served from the kitchen [...] Celebrating the late Queens jubilee was such an important time for our residents and JH made the most wonderful Jubilee celebration cake that was marvelled at by all and also enjoyed by residents, team members, family and friends."

🦸‍♀️Care Worker Award - Deborah Pritchard-Davis (Home Care)

"Celebrating her 9th year of service this year Debbie is valued by clients and colleagues.

Time is one of the most precious gifts we can give these days. Debbie continuously does things, often in her own time that brightens clients’ days or takes away their worry. This could be something simple like posting a letter, picking up some milk or baking someone a cake to make them smile.

One could say Debbie is simply ‘doing her job’ but what ‘delivers excellent care’ is the way she does it; the compassion she shows for the clients and her commitment and attitude"

✨️Registered Manager Award - Kellie Barker & Corinna Forsdike (Care Home & Home Care)

"Our dynamic duo! It would not be possible to nominate this pair separately; although they both manage their own side of the business they work together, supporting one another, encouraging one another, and sharing information to provide the best service possible. Both Kellie and Corinna are committed to driving up quality, in turn reflecting positive change for clients, residents, their families and our team members. Kellie and Corinna are ‘people’ persons. They listen and they learn, they could tell you the individual wants and needs of every resident/client and team member within their service [...] Kellie and Corinna have provided stability in their teams through strong leadership and commitment to change by listening to what is needed. They achieve this by working alongside their team, attending local and national briefings, involving themselves in community initiatives, training and developing themselves"

👼Unsung Hero Award - Victoria Seymour (Care Home)

"We could not be prouder to congratulate Vicky for celebrating her 17th year with us. She stared with us as a Kitchen Assistant and has continuously grown in her role, learning new skills and has now developed into a highly skilled Senior Care Assistant.

During her time with us we have seen her get married, have her first beautiful little boy and no. 2 on the way. Outside of work she provides additional, wider support for others and faces a variety of challenges in doing so yet, all the time, remaining committed and dedicated to her role!"

🥳🎉We are excited to announce that we've got a winner! Congratulations Victoria on winning the Unsung Hero Award and congratulations and all of our other nominees. We're super super proud of you all

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