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🌻🏆 Breaking News! Joyce Takes the Sunflower Crown!

Hold onto your gardening gloves, folks! Our annual sunflower showdown wrapped up yesterday, and we've got a new champ in town! 🥇🌻

Our fearless gardener, Alison, had the tough task of judging this bloomin' battlefield, and she declared Joyce the victorious sunflower sorceress! 🌟💐

Joyce now gets to flaunt the custom-made trophy for a whole year to celebrate her reign. 🎉🏡

Thanks to everyone who participated and made this year's competition a petal-packed extravaganza! 🌻🎉 Stay tuned for next year's showdown – the sunflowers never rest, and neither do we! 🌞👑

But before we go, a special shoutout and heartfelt thanks to Zenergi, who originally provided us with the sunflower seeds back in 2021 as part of their #readyzengrow campaign. Your seeds of generosity blossomed into this beautiful tradition for us at Sussex Grange 🌞🌱

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