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🌸A Heartwarming Afternoon at Sussex Grange! 🌸

What a truly magical afternoon it was! Last week, we set a special date to come together and celebrate moments captured in our wedding photographs. After dusting off and carefully polishing our precious pictures and albums, today we shared our celebrations 💍✨

We reminisced over weddings that spanned an impressive 88 years, from 1926 to 2014. The room was filled with laughter and stories as we shared our cherished memories, discussing the incredible changes and beautiful differences in weddings and families throughout these years. 💒💖

We held delightful conversations about wedding dress shopping with coupons, the uniqueness of joint weddings, the challenges of rationing, the diverse venues and locations where couples exchanged vows, and the lovely array of color schemes that adorned their celebrations. 🎩👰

Allow us to share a few of these lovely pictures that brought smiles to our faces 📸✨

We would be incredibly excited to hear about your own wedding experiences as well! We invite you to share your stories and photographs with us, and in turn, we'll joyfully share them with everyone here. They would absolutely adore seeing your cherished moments too! 💞📸

Thank you for being a part of our lovely journey! ✨🤝

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