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Sussex Grange – A delight for your senses

Luxury residential care from Sussex Grange in Selsey – so close to the sea you can hear it from our garden! Sussex Grange offers residential care for 20 residents in a very unique setting. We are situated in a tranquil and attractive Tudor-style house in Selsey and are especially fortunate to be so close to […]

How does Dementia affect sleep?

Problems with sleeping are a common occurrence for people with dementia. Some people sleep during the day and are awake and restless at night. Some are no longer able to tell the difference between night and day, while others are simply not as active as they used to be and consequently need less sleep. The […]

Combating elderly loneliness with domiciliary care packages

Loneliness is a bigger problem than simply an emotional experience. We all know how it feels to be lonely but did you know that around 1 million older people regularly go an entire month without speaking to anyone? Half of all people aged 75 and over live alone, and 1 in 10 people aged 65 […]

Overcoming communication challenges with dementia patients

For those supporting people with Dementia be that family, friends or nursing staff, there is often a lot of anxiety about how to communicate to those who are living with the condition. People feel apprehensive about talking to someone with dementia. They don’t know what to say, or how to respond to what is often […]

Wine and blueberries can halve Alzheimer’s risk

Could this eating plan ward off dementia symptoms in later life? There have been a lot of weight-loss fads and trends over the years and the New Year brings these to the forefront. The MIND diet has been specifically devised by epidemiologists from a leading medical school. It combines superfoods such as wholegrains, nuts and […]

Visits from relatives and loved-ones has benefits for dementia sufferers

The Alzheimer’s Society has confirmed that people with dementia feel happy long after a visit or experience they may have forgotten. Visits from family and friends stimulate feeling of familiarity, happiness, comfort and security. Even as the condition progresses, people can still hold an ‘emotional memory’. A recent survey found that 42% of the public […]

Hot meals and cosy toes – keeping warm through Spring

As we get older, our bodies react differently to the cold and wet conditions we experience in the UK. Looking after elderly relatives or parents is imperative during the winter and, sometimes cold spring, months to ensure they stay warm and healthy. Keeping warm both inside and outside your home can help reduce your risk […]

Christmas at Sussex Grange Residential Care Home

At Sussex Grange, Christmas is a very special time with our staff and residents, we make extra efforts at Christmas to ensure the residents feel at home and enjoy the celebrations. A special visit from Father Christmas is arranged and spends time with our residents before a Christmas lunch is served. Photos will be posted […]

Checklist for selecting a care home for your loved ones

When selecting a care home for your elderly relative, it is imperative that more than one person from the family (if available) views the care home – as it can reduce the level of emotion involved in the selection process. It is a challenging and difficult time to consider moving a loved one into a […]