Doll therapy for dementia trialled at Sussex Grange

The use of therapies for dementia, as yet have not found to cure the effects, but can certainly help the person live a relatively normal life, and carry on doing the things they like to do. One resident at Sussex Grange has dementia, and the carers were struggling to engage with her. One of the team at Sussex Grange suggested the use of dolls in order to give the resident a sense of purpose to her day and to hopefully rekindle some nice memories of her own children. The results have been amazing to watch the difference in behaviour since having the responsibility of looking after the dolls. The babies are looked after by not just this one resident but many others if they fancy it. This type of therapy is relatively new and there are few trials about the benefit to dementia patients. The main purpose of the dolls is to remove distress and offer comfort to the resident if she needs it. You can read a great article about doll therapy here.

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Why our domiciliary care is so valuable to the local community

Many people, once they reach a certain age, have no interest in selling their homes and moving to a residential care home or an alternative option. Many people, however love the idea of a care home, and relish in being looked after by the carers. The choice, once you reach a certain age, has to be yours, and many people may think they know what is best, but there are options for both sides. Care homes nowadays offer a great place to socialise, be included in great activities, offer lovely food and round the clock care.

The personal home care however, offers regular visits from care staff, food can be made or delivered, you have all your comforts around you, and you retain some independence at the same time. In the community around Chichester, there are an increasing number of elderly (over 70), and with increasing needs whether that be collecting a repeat prescription, or assistance in getting to the bath or getting dressed. The domiciliary carers create a great rapport with the people they are looking after, and as they are in their own home, they feel safe and protected with all their possessions around them – even down to their favourite armchair!

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Sussex Grange host Alzheimer’s Society coffee morning

Great fun was had by all who attended The Coffee morning in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. With ·music and laughter in abundance, coffee and homemade cake was served to visitors and residents who came along to support the cause.

A big thank you to Viv, Lyn and June Y the members of staff who baked the lovely cakes; Thanks also to the members of staff who gave up their free time and whose interaction throughout the morning helped to make this a very enjoyable event.

With all proceeds going to The Alzeimer’s Society we finished the morning with a well supported raffle, then everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to our well loved and respected resident Dorothy.

A fitting end to a very pleasant morning.

Jackie Haynes, Activities co-ordinator.

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Why feedback is so valuable for the care home industry

Sussex Grange prides itself on the high level of recommendations, and feedback on our care service is invaluable to attracting new clients and residents. At Sussex Grange, the motto is always to offer a ‘home from home’ and ‘care with kindness’. Our feedback has always been very positive, but it is even more important now to provide feedback where possible. With an increasing level of media discussion surrounding the point of care, and with over 2.7 million people living in the UK over the age of 80, care homes are coming under close scrutiny about the level of service they provide.

Sussex Grange offers a truly homely feel to their care, with regular activities for the residents, and home cooked meals, it is a welcoming and warm place to come to. Sussex Grange also offer domiciliary care, or personal home care, which can be an added benefit to someone who prefers to stay in their home. By leaving feedback, you can help influence our care home rating, but also offers a personal feel to other people considering Sussex Grange as an option for ongoing care.

You can leave your feedback or recommendation directly on the Care Home website.

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